Friday, March 31, 2017

Livingston's Thunderous Speech Rallies Troops

Inspiration plus! VEA President Jim Livingston got convention delegates rocking with a stirring speech Friday afternoon in Roanoke, telling them, "Together, we're an army! It's time to mobilize ourselves, our schools, our communities, our civic organizations and our houses of worship!"
     Reminding VEA members that we never get what we don't ask for, Livingston said, "We have to stop apologizing for asking for, even demanding, what our students, schools and educators need. Our communities support us!"
     Livingston also pointed educators toward the polls this November 7, underscoring that VEA was "the only one in the room" that stepped up when the General Assembly initially put no money on the table for teacher salary increases. VEA's rally in the legislature on Lobby Day was so loud that security came to investigate. "You better get involved in politics," Livingston
said, "because politics is sure involved in you!"
     He ended with a call to action that had delegates on their feet chanting, "We are VEA!"