New Business Items Passed at Convention

New Business Items Approved at 2019 VEA Convention:


Crisis Fund
On behalf of the VEA Executive Committee, I move the establishment of a permanent line item in the VEA Budget entitled, “Crisis Fund.” The purpose of the fund is to address financial needs that may arise as a result of statewide action necessary to carry out the Goals and Objectives of the Virginia Education Association.

Support for Fund Our Future Campaign – Unanimous
On behalf of the VEA Executive Committee, I move the 2019 Delegate Assembly commit to its full support and endorsement of VEA’s Fund Our Future Campaign.

Statewide Health Insurance – Unanimous
I move that the VEA seek legislation that allows all school employees to be allowed to participate in Virginia’s current health Insurance Program used by all state employees.

Adoption of SVEA Chapter – Adopted as Amended
I move that each Locals “adopt” any SVEA Aspiring Educator chapters in their area.  By doing so, I urge local leaders and members to invite Aspiring Educators to attend meetings, participate in events and be mentors for future educators.

SVEA Aspiring Educator 
I move that the Student Virginia Education Association change its name to SVEA:  Aspiring Educators.

ESP Living Wage – Unanimous
I move that VEA and locals will mobilize to support ESP living wage campaigns. VEA and locals will work to increase ESP membership. 

Expand DA Locations
I move that VEA seek to expand locations of the Delegate Assembly, including locations in Southwest Virginia.

Collective Bargaining Campaign 
I move that the UniServ Advisory Committee establish a strategic campaign to train locals on collective bargaining techniques and to work with locals to win union recognition with local school boards. 

Support our Support Staff 
I move that the VEA develop and advocate a funding structure that accurately reflects the number of employees that currently work in school systems.  The new funding structure should include State funding for service personnel, custodians and other non-instructional employees.

ESP Fairness
I move that the VEA advocate for paraprofessionals/instructional assistants to have additional breaks besides lunch. 

New Work Stoppage Work Group
I move that VEA a new work group be formed and first convene by September 1, 2019.  The work group’s purpose is to assess the need for, recommend the conditions for, design the infrastructure for, and consult the VEA Board of Directors on the execution of statewide educator work stoppages.  The work group shall be comprised of one member per district, and sitting members of the VEA Board of Directors shall not comprise a majority of the membership of the Work Stoppage Work Group.  Work Group member selection shall be diverse in its inclusion of ESPs, early career educators, and classes enumerated in Resolution E-5.

Rosa Lee Guard Scholarship for Aspiring Educators
I move that the VEA establish a virtual committee for the Rosa Lee Guard Scholarship for Aspiring Educators.

School Division Concussion Protections
I move that VEA continue seeking regulatory and/or statutory protections and processes for students and school board employees suffering from concussions who may be expected to return to work too soon. 

Blocking Hate Group Websites - Adopted, as Amended
I move that the VEA notify other states and locals in Virginia of the possibility that school Internet filters may not be blocking student access to web sites of hate groups, and advocate for them to prevent students’ exposure to them. 

Expungement Process
I move that the VEA create a coalition with educators, firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, and other public servants to work together to educate their professions on their professional rights with a focus on providing changes to the Virginia Code regarding the entire expungement process. 

Lottery Dollars Restoration for Infrastructure – Adopted, Amended, Unanimous
I move that the VEA work with the Governor and General Assembly to ensure language seek the legislation to restore dedicated lottery funding for non-recurring costs.

Weingarten Rights
I move that the VEA advocate within the UniServ Advisory Committee for the union rights outlined within “Weingarten Rights” at the local school board level.

Three-Year Continuing Contract – Unanimous
I move that the VEA seek legislation to restore continuing contract after three years on annual contract. 

Improve Dismissal Process – Adopted, as Amended
I move that the VEA compile data for every local for legislation to restore three-person panels and to extend the timeline for dismissal from 10 business days to 15 calendar business days.

Reduce Amount of SOL Tests – Adopted, as Amended
I move that the VEA will seek to reduce the amount of SOL tests given to the federal minimum, and place reasonable limits on data collection assessment activities by local divisions.

ESL Absenteeism – Adopted, as Amended
I move that VEA work with the Board of Education and/or seek updated legislation that protects students and school districts from unequitable policies regarding truancy and new code for students with high absenteeism or withdraw enrollment within a short time.  Students newly enrolled from a different district, state, or country regardless of prior completed education, would be required to enroll for full-time school until age 18, but with no guarantee of graduation by age 22.
The VEA wants rules, regulations or legislation to change the negative impact this will have on a school’s accreditation.

Quarterly Update of New Business Items
I move that VEA provide quarterly follow-up information regarding specific action taken by VEA for New Business Items.

Gender Inclusive Language
I move that the VEA include gender inclusive language on all conference registrations and organizational materials.

SPARKS: Where Are They Now? – Unanimous
I move that VEA measures SPARKS participant engagement at the local, state, and national level in order to collect information about the areas where SPARKS participants successfully engage in Association work in order to continue building new member engagement and provide necessary resources and support to the SPARKS program.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses – Unanimous
I move that the VEA Legislative Committee and the SVEA: Aspiring Educators work with the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) to create best practices for procedures and protections of survivors.  This would include, but not be limited to, encouragement for institutions to provide a plan to ensure the academic success and emotional well-being of the survivor.