Photos and Videos

To keep up with the excitement of the Delegate Assembly both while you're here and after you get home, we'll be posting images photos shot during the convention and the videos played during the proceedings.


Each day, we take hundreds of shots to catch the spirit of our meeting. The best ones are posted to our Flickr account. Click the link or go directly to Sets of each day's photos are posted; look for "Albums."

See a photo you want for your own use? Click on the photo in question. Then Click on the Download icon on the right-hand side. You can download a small size for sending on a mobile device or uploading to your website. If you want to make a print, you're better off downloading the largest size.


After selected videos are shown at the Delegate Assembly, they are posted to our Vimeo account. Click the link or go directly to Videos are available for viewing there. Depending on your bandwith and other factors, it may take some time for the video content to load. We aim to have all videos posted by Wednesday of the week after the DA adjourns.